Saturday, August 2, 2014

More river

That's one happy cyclist there.

Maddie and Betsy: performance floating.

Ignoring the "No Wake Zone"

Sleeping out in the open on a clear, moonless night is fun starting at about 11 PM --  after the mosquitoes finish feasting. We didn't know this at 9 PM. 

Friday morning conversation.

Liza's first walk across the river.

Bass were hitting. We caught six, but only kept these two: filleted them, dusted them with flour/paprika and fried them in bacon fat. Bacon fat.

Click for big. This was sort of a magical moment at about 6:30 AM -- when it started just barely to rain as the sun peeked out. 

Post-magical moment.  I like how Maddie is looking on here. She's a big Beth fan from way back.
We all are.

Betsy jamming up the pave section of ol' 395.

Cozette taking a water break.

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