Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bugs and fat bikes and Nonna and skulls...

Grasshopper (Maddie pic).

Little fishies.

Fishing is rough rough rough at the river right now. 

I put in at the end of the river road to see if the fishing was any better.

Five otters visited as soon as I got my boat in the water.
That pretty much kills all the action.

I minor highlight was getting Liza on a fat bike. Glen let me use his small Pugsley for the weekend. I think Betsy needs to try one and I think Glen's would fit.

The major highlight of last weekend was a Nonna visit. She loved Betsy's new cabin. Here they are playing scopa, an Italian card game that's pretty damn fun, especially Liza's mom. She gets really excited. She also says that in Sicilian, the game is called "scupa," not "scopa," so that's what it is in Ferry County.

I was skunked most of the weekend. Then I caught this beaut -- a fighting rainbow early on Friday morning.

We had it for breakfast with some fried new potatoes.

Maddie and I took the little boat on the Columbia and did some exploring. We're going to do a lot more of that. And maybe some camping too.

Deer head.

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