Sunday, July 28, 2013

Renner Lake

Don and I went fishing at a very-hard-to-get-to alpine lake in Ferry County. 

We caught a bunch of Brook trout and German Browns. All small. But fun to catch.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some river pics

Maddie and I went to check out the Sherman Creek Fish Hatchery yesterday. That was a bit of a let down. But this deprecated bridge on the way there was super cool. And kind of freaky. I should've taken a pic from the top to the creek way below. Google map location here.

We fished on Sherman Creek for an hour or so. We want to make sure we are skunked on every single water way in Ferry County. So far, so good!

Trout Lake. This was a favorite of my father's. He'd go up there with a buddy who had a little aluminum boat and an electric outboard. Without a boat, it's pretty hard to fish.

But, we found this floating log that provided an OK spot to get the little guys. I caught one small rainbow that we threw back. 

Snag Cove, Lake Roosevelt, Columbia River. We jumped off the dock and cooled off here.

The infamous Barstow Bridge. Great hole.

Clay harvesting expedition on the Kettle.

Patrick and Elissa visited for a day. 

Maddie walks on water. No biggie.