Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pic dump: May and June at the river (mostly)

6th grade graduation.

Alex visited for a few days. We rode bikes mostly, but I got him fishing too.

Beth and Mike came up and we made food. We've discovered these little gnocci packages at the $1 store (!!) -- they're from Italy and they are great as breakfast potatoes -- just soak them for a minute or two in hot water, then fry them up in butter. That's what's under the eggs... among other things.

South Boulder Creek. I've been fly fishing this year. Mostly, I've been working the Kettle with some slow and steady success, but these little creeks are rad. I caught a few super bad-ass little Brook trouts in this one.

Maddie and I went on a bike camping trip on Shaw Island. This was the ferry ride out.

We did a tiny bit of churchin' in a tiny church -- which is an odd west side rural phenomenon: tiny little roadside churches where people stop and pray and then write notes in a guest book.

Maddie's room in the new place at the river.

She made that stainglass window with our friend Christa.

Bets and Liza chillin

Maddie after a long weekend. She was attempting to read on the drive home. But pretty much slept with the book propped up

Fishing with Don at Fish Lake. He went on a tear and caught a bunch of these super pretty Brook trouts.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

OMG it's Maddie!

Poor only child... the object of an obsessive photo-taking-and-posting father. 

Clearly, she's unhappy. But tall!

On the beach at the Kettle River.

Walking the tracks on a local adventure.



Maddie's selfie method: take a movie. Then a screenshot. Sort of brilliant.


This is where the trailer once stood. And the shed. And the porch. 
No mas.