Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Maddie vacation: Day 3

Seaside, OR to South Beach, Kalaloch, WA.

Clam digging in Seaside. It's so cool to see all the families out there early on a Sunday morning... taking care of business.

Bridge from Astoria to Washington State.

Fort Columbia.

We stopped in the Willapa Bay area and bought a bunch of oysters from Goose Point. The guys that harvest the oysters were just getting off shift. I chatted with a guy for a few minutes and he pulled these two out of his pocket. They are Olympia oysters. The oysters that people generally associate with Willapa Bay are Pacific oysters. He loves the Olympias. They were good. Metallic sort of.
Goose Point sold shooters. The oysters in the shooters were pretty big. Too big for Maddie, who usually shoots the small ones happily.

South Beach, Kalaloch, WA.
Kalaloch is little section of the Olympic National Forest on the coast. There's a Kalaloch Resort and a mega Kalaloch campground. South of that stuff is a little camping area called "South Beach." Highly recommended.
I think it would be cool to go to Olympic National Forest with a proper camper, some bikes, and a small boat for a few weeks. There's rain forest, there's ocean, there's lake, there's trails, there's mountain. 

That little dot is Maddie.

We played shuffle board on the picnic table after dinner. I schooled her. The next morning she schooled me.

That's the camp site. There's bathrooms with flush toilets. But no potable water. Perfect.

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