Saturday, June 14, 2014

Maddie vacation: Day 2

Netart Bay, OR. Saturday morning and families galore are out there at 8 AM clamming. So cool. Maddie and I crept around the edges of family clam digging to listen to the work-a-day chatter and periodic celebrations of newbies: "I got one!"

Netart, OR. Aside from the surfers in wet suits, Maddie was the only one in the water in all of the beaches we hit today. I got in up to my waist, but went numb and stayed out the rest of the day.

She's not making water. 

Sea carrot.

Hug Point, OR. Rad spot. I remember going here with Liza in pre-Maddie days. 

Tide was low. Lots of anemones to disturb.

"Bare necessities, the simple bear necessities..."

We ended up in Seaside, OR tonight. The plan was to go to the beach and hang... just watch the tide go out. 

Maddie had to get in. Of course.

I read. She played. It's really not that complicated.

And a healthy dinner.

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  1. Good travel writing Mr. Bourdain !