Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sept 2007

I bought a new computer. In the process I'm backing up and checking out and fussing with all my data.

Part of that is getting all my photos organized.

September 2007 was a great month. Looking back: it was sort of a final chapter of normal.

2008 was the first of many deaths that hit us hard: Adam, then Grandpa/Papa, then Trish, then Dad, then Liza's Dad, then Mom.

As I look at these pictures, the lesson is bitch-slappingly clear: to the extent that you can wrap your mind around the idea of the present -- friggin appreciate it. And if the notion of present is too difficult, which it always has been for me, then follow the surrogate practice of Kurt Vonnegut's uncle, who made a point of calling out great moments: "If this isn't great, then I don't know what is."

Interesting that Kurt Vonnegut kicked off the "Season of Death" by kicking off in April of 2007.

Some pics from Sept 2007:

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  1. Livvy, Andy and I were walking down the street to have some sushi a few weeks back. A feeling of peace and happiness overcame me and I said to Andy - we need to remember how wonderful our life is right now. Its so good.